Hunter Achievement Awards

Award plaques are offered and presented annually to hunters with entries in the top 5 of each species, Typical and Extra-Typical by each method of collection. TGR records are kept according to the species first, secondly by method of collection, then by whether a species is native or exotic to the location of harvest. Animals must be harvested and scored in the twelve-month period, February 1st through January 31st of the competition year, to be eligible for annual awards. These awards are presented at the annual Awards Banquet, which is held in July. Notification to hunters of the placement of their trophies both for the annual competition and the overall placement into the record book will be mailed the first of May in the Awards Banquet packet. In addition to information regarding the banquet, the hunters will receive a certificate of official standing (showing placement for the year and record book) for each animal submitted.

Sample Award Plaque